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What is Lucas Tanner about?
David Hartman plays a former St. Louis Cardinals baseball player and writer for Sports Week magazine. After his wife, Ellie, and son, Chip, die in a car accident, Lucas decides to be a schoolteacher in the nearby St. Louis suburb of Webster Groves, Missouri. He teaches English and American Literature at Harry S. Truman Memorial High School (no, it doesn't really exist as that name). Later in the show, he also is given guidance counselor duties. His little buddy, Glendon Farrell, lives next door with his grandmother while his parents are on an extended trip overseas.

Actors: Kimberly Beck, Rosemary Murphy, Trish Soodik, Michael Dwight Smith, John Randolph, Robbie Rist, Alan Abelew, David Hartman

Season 1 of Lucas Tanner

    Episode 9: Echoes  
    Episode 11: Cheers  
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