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What is Face The Music about?
Welcome to the Face The Music guide at TV Tome. Face The Music, a guess-the-song game with several twists added in, gained a cult following during its original syndicated run and in subsequent reruns on cable TV networks. The show was often lampooned for its cheesy production, hosting style and wacky contestants. Those perceived weaknesses aside, Face the Music had a rather sound premise and gameplay. Three new contestants compete in the front game, with the eventual winner meeting a returning champion in the bonus round for a grand prize. In round one, the players are shown a series of six pictures (usually faces of famous people, but they could also be places or things). Each picture corresponded to a song title. The Tommy Oliver Orchestra plays a song sometimes, backing featured vocalist Lisa Donovan, who always seemed to sing the song's title and the first contestant to correctly identify the title then had to match it to the correct person for 10 points. The rou

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