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What is Funny Face about?
Sandy Stockton was a very sweet and slightly naive young woman from downstate Illinois who was experiencing big city life for the first time as a student at the University of California at Los Angeles. She also worked part time as an actress in television commercials, and was befriended by her neighbor Alice and her landlords, the Harwells. "Funny Face" was perhaps the most popular new show of the 1971-72 season. Unfortunately, star Sandy Duncan was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly after the series premiered, and production ceased after only 13 episodes. After surgery and the loss of an eye, Duncan recuperated and in the fall of 1972 she returned to CBS as the same character, Sandy Stockton, but with a new format and a new title, "The Sandy Duncan Show." It failed to recapture the magic and was cancelled after 13 episodes. CBS Broadcast History September 18, 1971-December 11, 1971----Saturdays----8:30

Actors: Kathleen Freeman, Sandy Duncan, Valorie Armstrong, Henry Beckman

Season 1 of Funny Face

    Episode : Poke Her  
    Episode : Roadkill  
    Episode : Courtship  
    Episode : Shortage  
    Episode : Pets  
    Episode : pilot  
    Episode : The Fly  
    Episode : Organic  
    Episode : The Box  
    Episode : Tomato  
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