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What is All-American Girl about?
This sitcom made mild history as the first network program to deal with a multi-generational Asian family (the Korean Kim family) coping with the shifts in attitude between the traditional grandmother, the transitional parents, and the more-or-less all-American grandchildren. Its failure stemmed from its uncertain focus on what it means to be Korean in contemporary California society, including the somewhat objectionable casting of Chinese and Japanese actors as Koreans, and from the treatment of standup comic Cho as a rather stereotypical Valley girl on the prowl for boys, in complete contradiction of her popular image as a tough-talking, upfront lesbian. In the latter episodes there was an attempt to shift the show into a show-biz formula, with Cho's character becoming manager of an inept rock band, but to no avail. There was, however, one superb performance: Amy Hill as the proud-to-be-assimilated, straight-talking Korean grandmother. I would have given Hill her own show immediately

Actors: B.D. Wong, Clyde Kusatsu, Ashley Johnson, Margaret Cho, Judy Gold, J.B. Quon, Maddie Corman, Jodi Long, Amy Hill
Genre: Comedy
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Season 1 of All-American Girl

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