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Watch Chopper One online: Episode 7 Deadly Carrier

Two burglars break into an electronics warehouse via the roof. Chopper One sees them leaving and swoops down to catch the thieves red-handed. Later, Captain McKeegan introduces Foley and Burdick to Mr. Chapman of the Immigration Bureau. Mr. Chapman is looking for an illegal alien named, Lee Kuan from Hong Kong. Kuan and another sailor jumped ship from a Panamanian freighter. The other man is in the hospital with typhoid fever. They have to find Kuan fast before he spreads the illness and it becomes an epidemic. Rita Chu is Kuan's girlfriend. She was spotted on a bus to El Centro with Kuan. Chopper One takes off to intercept the bus. Laura Burnett from the Public Health Service rides in the chopper with Gil and Don. Chopper One catches up to the bus and orders it to pull over to the side. They find Rita Chu on the bus but Kuan is not on it. Chopper One flies Chu back to Police Headquarters for interrogation. Chu finally gives up the name of another man named Frank Connor who runs a smug

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