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Watch Chopper One online: Episode 6 The Informer

Chopper One drops off Denny Johnson, an 11-year-old boy, who just makes it onto a bus to head to a little league championship game in which he'll be pitching. Later, Chopper One flies a wounded accountant, Arnold Nolan, out of the hospital to keep him in hiding until he can testify against crime boss, George Brenner in 24 hours. Gil and Don fly Nolan to a beach house for safe keeping. Captain McKeegan is disguised ad a fisherman and keeps watch on the beach house. Later, Nolan is lonely and sneaks into an empty room and calls his wife, Jean, to tell her to meet him at the beach house in the morning. George Brenner hired hoods, Regosi and Adams who were camped out all night at Jean Nolan's house. In the morning, they follow Jean Nolan to the beach house. Gil sees the cars approaching the beach house and he radios Don and McKeegan who are inside watching Arnold. Jean comes inside and stays overnight with her husband. The next day, a beach bum drives the green sedan to the beach house and

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