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Watch Chopper One online: Episode 5 Ambush

Gil teaches Don how to fly Chopper One. Department regulations say that observers need to practice flying once a month. Gil cuts the engine as Don learns what to do in a free-fall. Chopper One lands hard but undamaged. Later, rooftop snipers set up a black-and-white patrol car in an ambush. One officer is shot after being dispatched to a fake call. Hoodlums, Maury Farrell and Tony Deetzer are part of The People's Liberation Army and they're gunning for cops. In an underground newspaper called, ""The Ripper,"" an ad was placed offering a $500 reward for ""a dead pig."" After the officer was shot, a later edition ad reads $2,000 reward for a ""pig spy helicopter."" Don and Gil visit Tom Seeley the newspaper editor to try to find out who placed the ads. Seeley said that he doesn't know and that the ads are mailed and paid in cash. After Don and Gil leave, Seeley heads over to Tony Deetzer's place. Seeley pleads with Deetzer to stop using the newspaper to place the ads about cops. Deetzer says t

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