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Watch Chopper One online: Episode 4 The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Chopper One catches a mugger who snatched a purse from an elderly woman in Olive Park. Later, Chopper One receives a radio call, cutting in on the police radio, from a young ham radio operator, reporting a train that derailed. Chopper One flys over the switchyards only to learn that it was a fake call. McKeegan orders Foley to check out the fake radio call. The Watch Sergeant has the kid's address. Foley meets Pat Stratton and her son, David Stratton, almost twelve, who is arthritic and confined to his bed and wheelchair. Foley explains to David not to put in a fake radio call ever again. David explains that he was just lonely. Later, young David overhears some crooks talking about a bank robbery on their walkie-talkies. David tries to tell his mother, but she doesn't believe him. David breaks his promise to Foley and calls Chopper One on the police frequency. Foley tells David to get off the air. Later, Foley visits David and learns the story about the bank robbery rehearsal broadcast

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