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What is NYPD about?
Welcome to the NYPD guide at TV Tome. New York City plainclothes detectives were experienced Mike Haines, 18 years on the force, younger Johnny Corso and Jeff Ward. They tracked murderers, extortionists, drug pushers, bombers, rapists, and other thugs around this bustling city. Locales varied from the Bowery to Wall Street, the Empire State Building to Shubert Alley, Greenwich Village to Times Square. This series was commended by real life mayor at the time Mayor John Lindsay, who permitted filming scenes at City Hall. Several episodes were based on actual NYPD cases and with the permission of the Department to write them into the episodes. A police series somewhat like "Naked City" with lots of New York City locations being used. "This series paints a tough, realistic portrait of the work of the New York City Police Department. Filmed on location, N.Y.P.D. utilizes the highly mobile hand-held camera and stream-of- consciousness narrative."

Actors: Robert Hooks, Frank Converse, Jack Warden

Season 1 of NYPD

    Episode 4: Fast Gun  
    Episode 22: Macho  
    Episode 23: Stones  

Season 2 of NYPD

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