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What is Tales of the South Seas about?
Welcome to the Tales of the South Seas guide at TV Tome. Adventure series set in The South Pacific Islands circa 1910. David Grief and Mauriri, his business partner, encounter numerous adventures in the islands as they charter their boat; the Rattler - sometimes to dubious characters. While the towns in the South Seas are effectively contolled by the French colonial presence, the outer islands (some still to be discovered) are an adventure - everything from headhunters, zealot missionaries to American gunslingers. A feature of the series is that the principal, David, whilst a force for moral good in his general intentions, is not someone who lets a good business opportunity go by. This often brings him into conflict with his friends and associates. The relationships in the series are more complex than in normal "pulp" type series: who does David love? how will the lead characters cope with the conflict between native tradion and modern "white" ways?what

Actors: Mark Lee, Will Snow, Rene Naufahu, Rachel Blakely

Season 1 of Tales of the South Seas

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