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What is Baby I'm Back about?
Baby I'm Back was a sitcom from the late 1970's featured former Sanford and Son star Demond Wilson and Room 222's Denise Nicholas who portrayed separated Husband and Wife of seven years. Ray Ellis (Wilson) had abandoned his family in Washington D.C. to head for California seven years ago owing money to loansharks and unable to manage his marriage leaving his wife(Nicholas) his seven year boy Jordan (Tony Holmes) and 2 year old daughter Angie(Kim Fields). Out in California, an old friend of Ray's runs into him at the racetrack betting window letting him know that his wife, Olivia is remarrying(Colnel Wallace Dickey)and he(Ray) has been declared leagally dead prompting Ray to move back to Washington D.C. and take on the task of proving himself legally alive and proving to Olivia that he could be a great husband and father. However, he had to contend with his Mother N'Law Luzelle(Helen Martin) and his rivalry dimwitted Colnel Wallace Dickey.(Ed Hall).

Actors: Kim Fields, Helen Martin, Tony Holmes, Demond Wilson, Denise Nicholas, Ed Hall

Season 1 of Baby I'm Back

    Episode 1: Pilot  
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