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Watch Conan online: Episode 2 The Heart of the Elephant Part 2

En route to Yara's stronghold, Conan and Otli are ambushed by the female bandit Karella and her archers. Karella takes Conan in and tries to seduce him. Conan tells her he is only his way to Yara's stronghold to rescue Tamara and kill the wizard Yara. Karella mentions Yara has a jewel called the Heart of the Elephant which she desires, so she thinks they should go to Yara's stronghold together, though she also thinks only a fool would steal from a wizard. Conan and Otli end up going alone, though Karella and her archers follow closely behind. Meanwhile, Vulkar and Zzeben find Dor and the refugees who survived the earlier attack on Tamara's village. They decide to travel together. Elsewhere, Conan enters Yara's stronghold and makes a deal with him. Tamara will be freed once Conan brings him the Heart of the Elephant. Conan promises Yara death should he go back on his word, though he plans to kill him anyway. Along with Otli and Karella, Conan enters the tower in which the jewel resides.

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