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Watch Conan online: Episode 1 The Heart of the Elephant

The evil sorcerer Hissah Zul, who rules the land as King, has a nightmare in which a powerful warrior challenges his rule. He throws red rubies into a conjuring pool, summoning The Skull That Talks - an oracle that Hissah Zul once turned into all but a talking skull. The Skull tells Hissah Zul that the man is Conan and he will acquire the mythical Sword of Atlantis, then he will dominate Hissah Zul and become the new King. As part of the plan to prevent Conan from achieving his destiny, Hissah Zul summons his General, Goroth, and a wizard named Yara, who is accompanied by a dwarf named Otli, who serves as his servant - an unkindly treated one at that. As Goroth's men lay waste to the town where Conan has sought friendship with a Tamara, who becomes his true love, Yara abducts Tamara with his magic and Conan is captured as well and taken to a gladiatorial arena. Conan is forced to fight for his life. In the arena dungeon, Conan meets the robust Vulkar and an agile mute named Zzeben. Th

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