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What is Z Cars about?
Long running BBC series dealing with the goings on of the Newtown police and their Ford Zephyr squad cars or "Z Cars". Emphasis on personal drama and day to day lives of the characters, the series was almost a mix of "kitchen sink" drama and police procedure. Influential towards such later dramas as Hill Street Blues. Like a who's who of UK talent, many important UK actors, writers and directors worked on the show including Ridley Scott, Tom Baker (Dr. Who), Brian Blessed, Tom Conti, Judi Dench, Arthur Lowe, Malcolm McDowell and Leonard Rossiter and both future Professionals (Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw).

Actors: Leslie Sands, Dudley Foster, Paul Angelis, Terence Edmond, James Ellis, Colin Welland, Geoffrey Hayes, Dorothy White, Leonard Williams, Stratford Johns, John Woodvine, Robert Keegan, Joseph Brady, Frank Windsor

Season 1 of Z Cars

    Episode 9: Fire!  
    Episode 25: Affray  
    Episode 29: Assault  

Season 2 of Z Cars

    Episode 10: Ambush  
    Episode 15: Search  
    Episode 28: Enquiry  
    Episode 38: Scare  

Season 3 of Z Cars

Season 4 of Z Cars

Season 5 of Z Cars

Season 6 of Z Cars

    Episode 408: System  
    Episode 413: Cars  

Season 7 of Z Cars

    Episode : Haggar  
    Episode 43: Lynch  
    Episode 48: Canal  
    Episode 49: Care  
    Episode 51: Missing  
    Episode 52: Quilley  
    Episode 55: Smoke  
    Episode 58: Hagger  
    Episode 61: Access  
    Episode 62: Goss  
    Episode 77: Connor  
    Episode 79: Witness  
    Episode 82: Damage  
    Episode 90: Hobo  
    Episode 91: Old Lag  
    Episode 92: Skinner  
    Episode 98: Miller  
    Episode 104: Pat  
    Episode 105: Bowman  

Season 8 of Z Cars

    Episode : Mugs  
    Episode 2: Nuisance  
    Episode 3: Escape  
    Episode 4: Break Up  
    Episode 6: Pieces  
    Episode 8: Cadet  
    Episode 10: Absence  
    Episode 13: Joanna  
    Episode 15: Waste  
    Episode 19: Rota  
    Episode 22: Losers  
    Episode 25: Mugs?  
    Episode 26: Pastime  
    Episode 28: Family  

Season 9 of Z Cars

    Episode : Krónur  
    Episode 5: Friends  
    Episode 6: Mugs  
    Episode 7: Gardens  
    Episode 9: Pursuit  
    Episode 20: Transit  
    Episode 21: Snouts  
    Episode 26: Kronur  
    Episode 30: Ritual  
    Episode 31: Legacy  

Season 10 of Z Cars

    Episode 1: Guns  
    Episode 3: Prisoner  
    Episode 5: Contact  
    Episode 6: Kidnap  
    Episode 10: Ringers  
    Episode 12: Hunch  

Season 11 of Z Cars

    Episode : Rage  
    Episode 2: Guilt  
    Episode 3: Guilt  
    Episode 4: Transit  
    Episode 8: Rip Off  
    Episode 9: Quarry  
    Episode 10: Attack  

Season 12 of Z Cars

    Episode 1: Driver  
    Episode 3: Debris  
    Episode 6: Exposure  
    Episode 9: Deserter  
    Episode 10: Rummage  
    Episode 11: Prey  
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