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What is Play for Today about?
"Play for Today," an anthology series of plays carrying on in the tradition of its predecessor "The Wednesday Play," presented controversial works by such writers as Dennis Potter, David Mercer, Alan Bennett, and Jim Allen, with such directors as Ken Loach, Alan Clarke, Philip Saville, and Mike Newell. Several plays in the series led to various spin-offs, including "Play for Tomorrow" and "Rumpole of the Bailey." The photo is from the 1977 play "Scum" (written by Roy Minton and directed by Alan Clarke), which the BBC banned for almost 15 years.

Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction

    Episode : Tishoo  

Season 1 of Play for Today

    Episode 3: The Lie  
    Episode 17: Reddick  
    Episode 20: Orkney  

Season 2 of Play for Today

    Episode 1: Traitor  
    Episode 3: Evelyn  
    Episode 8: Pal  
    Episode 10: Home  
    Episode 17: Cows  

Season 3 of Play for Today

Season 4 of Play for Today

    Episode 7: Shutdown  
    Episode 13: Hot Fat  
    Episode 14: Easy Go  

Season 5 of Play for Today

    Episode 6: Fugitive  
    Episode 7: Eleanor  
    Episode 10: Breath  
    Episode 14: Goodbye  

Season 6 of Play for Today

    Episode 3: Moss  

Season 7 of Play for Today

    Episode 7: Buffet  
    Episode 16: Gotcha  

Season 8 of Play for Today

    Episode 5: Nipper  
    Episode 9: Charades  
    Episode 15: Destiny  

Season 9 of Play for Today

    Episode 1: Nina  
    Episode 6: Sorry  
    Episode 19: Light  

Season 10 of Play for Today

    Episode 6: Billy  
    Episode 9: Katie  
    Episode 21: Buses  
    Episode 23: Ladies  

Season 11 of Play for Today

    Episode : Sorry  
    Episode 1: Pasmore  
    Episode 2: C2H5OH  
    Episode 7: Jude  
    Episode 10: Jessie  

Season 12 of Play for Today

    Episode 1: Country  
    Episode 6: Protest  
    Episode 8: PQ17  
    Episode 18: Tishoo  

Season 13 of Play for Today

    Episode 7: Aliens  

Season 14 of Play for Today

    Episode 9: King  
    Episode 13: The Cry  
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