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What is This Life about?
In This Life, a group of attractive, badly-behaved lawyers live in a posh house in London and spend their time engaged in emotional crises, usually over wanting to sleep with each other. It was a British thirtysomething, Friends, and Ally McBeal all rolled into one. Shot mainly in jerky close-ups and intercut with trendy music of the time, it had gained huge ratings by the end of the decade. - In 2004 a South African version of This Life (closely based on the UK series and story) was filmed and screened on SABC3 TV for 10 months.

Actors: Natasha Little, Amita Dhiri, Andrew Lincoln, Ramon Tikaram, Sean Michael, Cyril Nri, Jack Davenport, Juliet Cowan, Steve John Shepherd, Paul Medford, David Mallinson, Luisa Bradshaw-White, Gillian McCutcheon, Geoffrey Bateman, Jason Hughes, Daniela Nardini
Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of This Life

    Episode : Gut Punch  
    Episode 9: Just Sex  

Season 2 of This Life

    Episode : +10  
    Episode : Communion  
    Episode : Scanxiety  
    Episode : Joyride  
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