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What is Biker Mice from Mars about?
When their home planet, Mars is on the verge of destruction by the Plutarkians- a species of fish-like aliens who are searching for resources from other planets, a bunch of Humanoid Mice escape their world. Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo, a trio of Biker Mice from Mars were shot down by a Plutarkian Ship, and crash landed on Earth. On Chicago, Illinois, they become allies with a human mechanic named Charley. The Mice discover that the Plutarkians have started to make their move on th Earth. The Biker Mice quickly investigate, and discover that one of the city's leading citizens, Lawrence Limburger, is actually a Plutarkian in disguise, who is sending the land back to Plutark. Characters Vinnie: The 21-year-old Vinnie is a rebel who has a big ego. He is certainly fearless, daring, and loves everything that is involved in danger. His implusiveness and boldness always gets him in trouble. Modo: The buffed-up muscle mice, Modo, 23-years-old, is kind and gentle, but he can do ser

Actors: Brad Garrett, Dorian Harewood, Ian Ziering, Leeza Miller McGee, Susan Silo, Rob Paulsen, W. Morgan Sheppard
Genre: Action and Adventure, Animation

Season 1 of Biker Mice from Mars

    Episode 8: The Pits  

Season 2 of Biker Mice from Mars

Season 3 of Biker Mice from Mars

    Episode 4: Pitfall  
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