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What is Match Game (1998) about?
Welcome to the Match Game (1998) guide at TV Tome. The most recent revival so far of <B>Match Game aired during the 1998-1999 season. Like other recent versions, this one used the classic CBS rules of fill-in-the-blank statements. Two contestants competed (both new for each show), as before. This time, they faced a celebrity panel of five (not six). Sense the troubles are beginning? Read on. Host Berger read two choices (e.g., "A bird in the hand is worth two in the tush" and "Drink 'Ya Later, Alligator"), and the contestant who won a coin toss before the show went first. After the statement was read (e.g., Bob said, "That's some bird cage lining you've got in there, Joe. I didn't know they came with pictures of *blank*"). The celebrities each separately wrote down their answers and, after the contestant was polled for his/her answer, the celebrities read them one at a time. Too often, the answers went beyond double-entendre, had four (maybe five) lette

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