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Watch The Tick 2001 online: Episode 5 Arthur Needs Space

Arthur runs into an old high school crush of his. Stacy Waxman is her name, and Batmanuel advises Arthur to keep his suit on no matter what, since Stacy seems to be attracted only to The Moth, not Arthur. Arthur schedules a date with Stacy, but he has a hard time getting rid of The Tick, who doesn't understand why he can't tag along. It's up to Captain Liberty and Batmanuel (who were trying to prevent nude photos of Captain Liberty from being printed in an adult magazine) to explain to The Tick what sex is – even if he can't understand it. On patrol, The Tick watches a documentary on insects and how they kill and eat their mates after sex. He rushes back home, fearing Stacy might have killed Arthur. The Tick ruins his date, but fortunately, Stacy was after the man inside the suit. Meanwhile, Batmanuel saves Janet from being demoted while answering to hero court.

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