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What is The Odyssey about?
Jay Ziegler is a normal boy until he falls into a coma after an accident. In the real world, aka the Upworld, Jay is in a coma and his family and friends must deal with life around them. But in Jay's mind, aka the Downworld, Jay is travelling though a land populated entirely by kids. With the help of his friends Alpha and Flash (the Downworld counterparts of his friends Donna and Keith), Jay must fulfill his mission of finding the mysterious leader of the Downworld, discover what really happened to his father and find his way home. Join Jay and his friends as their Odyssey unfolds. The original title for the series was The Jellybean Odyssey. The Odyssey was filmed entirely on location in British Columbia, Canada.

Actors: Ashleigh Aston Moore, Andrea Nemeth, Illya Woloshyn, Tony Sampson, Janet Hodgkinson
Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of The Odyssey

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    Episode 1: The Fall  
    Episode 2: No Fair  
    Episode 8: Wanted  

Season 2 of The Odyssey

Season 3 of The Odyssey

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