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What is The Legend of William Tell about?
Described by executive producer Raymond Thompson as "Star Wars on the planet Earth", this is a fantasy saga of bravery, magic, myth and romance. William Tell is the youthful leader of a band of young, brat pack' outlaws, forever hunted by the forces of darkness, led by Xax and Kreel, who have usurped power in their homeland. The series of self-contained stories follows Will's quest to restore young Princess Vara to her rightful place on the royal throne and defeat Xax and Kreel's forces - and by doing so, bring back peace and order to the Kingdom of Kale. There is action and adventure along the way, magic, creatures, mystery, intrigue - but also much human drama and interplay among Will's rebel band who must support each other in their quest. The group encounter a diverse range of people and situations on their journey - some help the resistance movement, others are cohorts of Xax and Kreel

Actors: Beth Allen, Katrina Browne, Drew Neemia, Ray Henwood, Sharon Tyrell, Nathaniel Lees, Kieren Hutchison, Andrew Binns
Genre: Action and Adventure

Season 1 of The Legend of William Tell

    Episode 8: Swarm  
    Episode 15: Combat  
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