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Welcome to the Monsters guide at TV Tome. Monsters had a run from 1988 to 1991 and previously was running in syndication on SCI-FI. Recently it was taken off the air and there are no episodes airing that I'm aware of. Produced by Richard P. Rubinstein, producer of Tales from the Darkside, Monsters was a 30-minute weekly show that was very simple in its premise. Normally, as Rubinstein said, due to budget restrictions all the scripts were written with only one or two interior scenes and a maximum of six or seven characters and always involved a monster. My personal favorite episodes of the show, which I strongly recommend should you be able to get your hands on them, are: 49. Stressed Enviornment 54. The Hole 58. Waiting Game And two honorable mentions of 33. Reaper and 72. The Moving Finger. If anyone knows where you can get customized video tapes with any of these episodes I would be greatly appreciative.

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Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction

Season 1 of Monsters

    Episode 17: Taps  
    Episode 20: Cocoon  

Season 2 of Monsters

    Episode 1: The Face  
    Episode 4: Rerun  
    Episode 7: Jar  
    Episode 9: Reaper  
    Episode 13: Habitat  
    Episode 21: Refugee  

Season 3 of Monsters

    Episode 5: Outpost  
    Episode 6: The Hole  
    Episode 11: Sin-Sop  
    Episode 13: Malcolm  
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