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What is Little Rosie about?
Welcome to the Little Rosey guide at TV Tome. Little Rosey was Roseanne's first attempt at a cartoon. The show featured Rosey, her friends, Buddy, Matthew, and Jeffrey, her Nanny, her 2 Parents, and later Tess and Tater. The theme song was written and recorded by Ronnie Spector. The show's episodes originally featured 2 short stories about Rosey and her friend's great adventures either right at home or out in magical places, by the seventh, the episodes were changed to only one story. The show was cancelled after it's twelfth episode after recieving bad ratings. Roseanne, however, blamed the network. About a half a year later, ABC decided to give Little Rosey a chance, airing a previously unaired episode that portrayed an animated Roseanne, however, it recieved terrible ratings and the show was scrapped. ABC would later run this spin-off which ran in '92, The Rosey and Buddy show

Actors: Roseanne, Judy Marshak, Stephen Bednarski, Tony Daniels, Lisa Yamanaka, Noam Zylberman, Paulina Gillis

Season 1 of Little Rosie

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