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What is The Gumby Show about?
Gumby first appeared in the 1953 film short Gumbasia, (believed to be one of the first music videos). In 1956 Gumby and his horse friend Pokey hit the airways on The Howdy Doody Show in their first shorts in 1956. It was so popular that it became its own show in 1957 called The Gumby Show. The show contained the 1956 shorts and new ones. Each episode contained 3 cartoons. In the 1960's Goo the blue mermaid, Prickle the yellow dinosaur, and Nopey the dog were introduced. The Blockheads sometimes chased after Gumby, Pokey, Prickle, and Goo with some scheme. Gumbo and Gumba were Gumby's Dad and Mother. The show stopped in 1967 due to problems in Art Clokey's family and another cartoon. In the 1970's Gumby was totally ignored. The 1980's brought back new life to Gumby with tons of toys and new episodes in a new series called Gumby Adventures in 1988. And a movie in 1995. Gumby is currently off the air. It was first shown

Actors: Pinkie Lee, Dick Beals, Bobby Nicholson, Ruth Eggleston, Paul Ashley, Nancy Wilbe, Art Clokey, Ginny Tyler, Dal McKennon, Norma Macmillian, Chuck McCann
Genre: Animation
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    Episode 2: Gumbasia  

Season 1 of The Gumby Show

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