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What is Swamp Thing about?
When Dr. Alec Holland becomes the victim of deadly sabotage and is left for dead, he is transformed by the swamp and the chemicals meant to kill him into a creature struggling with the balance between his own vengeance and the protection of those who can't protect themselves. Basing the series on the legendary DC Comics character, the USA Network commissioned a total of 72 episodes of this cult favorite that aired between 1990-'93. Starring Dick Durock (reprising his title role from the popular Swamp Thing feature films), Mark Lindsay Chapman and Carrell Myers, Swamp Thing: The Series follows the tortured creature on his quest to regain the humanity that was taken from him as he purges the swamp of evildoers along the way.

Actors: Dick Durock, Kari Wuhrer, Anthony Gelde, Jesse Zeigler, Scott Garrison, William M. Whitehead, Mark Lindsay Chapman, Kevin Quigley
Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of Swamp Thing

(watch here)

Season 2 of Swamp Thing

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    Episode 11: Sonata  

Season 3 of Swamp Thing

    Episode 6: Changes  
    Episode 7: Destiny  
    Episode 8: Tatania  
    Episode 16: Pay Day  
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