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Watch Hong Kong Phooey online: Episode 15 Dr. Disguiso / The Incredible Mr. Shrink

""Dr. Disguiso "" A prowler uses mysterious disguises to steal. Hong Kong Phooey must try to unmask this robber. Could it be Sarge or Rosemary? Penry is trying to find gold or silver with a metal detector, but it finds Sarge's badge instead. Villan: Dr. Disguiso Crimes: Theft Heroes: Hong Kong Phooey and Spot * * * * * * * * ""The Incredible Mr. Shrink"" Mr. Shrink is flooding the city to aide in his crime spree. This puts our hero up to his neck in water trying to stop him. Penry is making a few adjustments to his metal detector, making sure that it will only locate gold. Villan: Mr. Shrink Crime: Bribery Hero: Hong Kong Phooey and Spot

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