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What is Cow and Chicken about?
Cow and Chicken is Cartoon Network's 3rd original Cartoon Cartoon (a CN original series). In 1997, CN took a quantum leap with two new original series, and a second season of another series. Cow and Chicken premiered on July 15, 1997 at 8:00 PM, Tuesday nights (with encores on Friday nights.) Cow and Chicken came after Dexter's Laboratory in 1996, and Johnny Bravo in 1997 (which debuted the day before C&C's premiere). The show follows the misadventures of an odd sibling couple. Cow, who is 6, is the younger sister of Chicken, who's 11. Cow is the smart, more moral-oriented one of the two, while Chicken is always getting into trouble. He tries to use big words, but he uses them in the wrong manner. They are always being tempted by the show's villain, the pantless, and thoughtless, The Red Guy (who was originally known, and basically still is, the Devil). Other characters include: Mom and Dad (Cow and Chicken's human parents from the waist down), Flem and Earl (Chicken's pals), Cousin Bo

Actors: Howard Morris, Michael Dorn, Charlie Adler, Susan Blakeslee, Dee Bradley Baker, Dan Castellaneta, Candi Milo
Genre: Animation
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Season 1 of Cow and Chicken

    Episode 5: Alive!  
    Episode 7: Confused  

Season 2 of Cow and Chicken

    Episode 7: Sumo Cow  
    Episode 8: Comet!  

Season 3 of Cow and Chicken

    Episode 5: Cow Fly  
    Episode 14: P.E.  

Season 4 of Cow and Chicken

    Episode 4: Mall Cop  
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