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What is The Flintstone Comedy Show about?
Welcome to The Flintstone Comedy Show guide at TV Tome. Of all the Flintstone series, this was the only 90 minute series they ever had. The series had six different segments. Pebbles, Dino & Bamm-Bamm They're teenagers again (since the 1971 series), where they would solve Bedrock mysteries. Think caveman Scooby-Doo. Captain Caveman The world's first super hero jumped to NBC (after a 1977 ABC show). Wilma & Betty actually have jobs as newspaper reporters @ The Bedrock Gazette, headed by Lou Granite. Copy-boy Chester also works there & turns into Captain Caveman (voiced by Mel Blanc) when Wilma & Betty get into trouble. The Bedrock Cops Fred & Barney get part time jobs being part of Bedrock's finest, headed by Sgt. Boulder (who also appears on Pebbles, Dino & Bamm-Bamm). Helping them out is Officer Shmoo (who turns out handy, but annoys Fred). Besides trying to catch crooks, most of the time, they try to stop Rockjaw, a neanderthal ver

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