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What is Night Heat about?
Welcome to the Night Heat guide at TV Tome. <br></br> The following is a list of award nominations for the groundbreaking series Night Heat(bold indicates winner).<br><br> Gemini Awards: <br><br> TV Guide's Most Popular Program: 1987, 1988 <br><br> Best Dramatic Series: 1986, 1987, 1988 <br><br> Best Director: Mario Azzopardi(1986), George Mendeluk(1988), Jorge Montesi(1988) , Randy Bradshaw(1990) <br><br> Best Actor: Scott Hylands(1986, 1987, 1988), Jeff Wincott(1986), Allan Royal(1987) <br><br> Best Actress: Jennifer Dale(1986) <br><br> Best Supporting Actor: Eugene Clark(1987), Sean McCann(1987), Tony Rosato(1989) <br><br> Best Guest Actor/Actress: Jennifer Dale(1987), Danny Aiello(1988), John Colicos(1989), Kay Tremblay(1989) <br><br> Best Writing: 1986, 1987*, 1988, 1989 <br><br> Best Original Drama: 1986 <br><br> Best Photography: 1987*, 1988*, 1989 <br><br> Best Editing: 1989 <br><br> Best Production Design/Art Directi

Actors: Jeff Wincott, Allan Royal, Scott Hylands

Season 1 of Night Heat

    Episode : Witness  
    Episode 5: Deadline  
    Episode 7: Deadlock  
    Episode 9: Velvet  
    Episode 17: Poison  
    Episode 19: Secrets  

Season 2 of Night Heat

    Episode 1: The Hero  
    Episode 4: Payday  
    Episode 9: Showdown  
    Episode 10: Friends  
    Episode 12: The Hit  
    Episode 13: Trapped  

Season 3 of Night Heat

    Episode : Wiseguy  
    Episode 4: Punk  
    Episode 9: Grace  
    Episode 10: The Kid  
    Episode 15: Limo  

Season 4 of Night Heat

    Episode 1: Silk  
    Episode 4: Woof  
    Episode 18: Ice  
    Episode 19: Jumper  
    Episode 23: Elaine  
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