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Watch Tsubasa Chronicle online: Episode 4 Sad Miracle

Our heroes land in the next world and spot a new feather right away embedded in a protruding stone. But what's this the feather's not within a stone, but within the horn of dragon. The townsfolk proceed to attack the dragon with the objective of obtaining the feather, but they fail. Syaoran and crew go to help them out, but it seems these townspeople have been waiting for their return. Our heroes have a returned to the world where they obtained a feather in a floating temple from a god. According to the town chief their god had announced to them that on the night of the next new moon all the people who were revived from Sakura's wish will vanished. The townsfolk hope to use the power of the feather together with Sakrua's prayers to keep them living. With the help of Kurogane and Syaoran the townsfolk attack the dragon once more. Syaoran sliced off the dragon's horn with his hien. Together with the retrieved feather they go back to the temple where Sakura asked the god to keep everyone who was revived living, but the god refused saying the living cannot be brought back to life. Sakura absorbs the feather recieving a memory from a time her father told her peple cannot be brought back to life, which is why everyone should live wonderful lives while they're still living. With these words in mind the townsfolk accept the fate of their loved ones and all that were revived vanished once more.

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