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Watch Outlaw Star online: Episode 22 Gravity Jailbreak

The ep begins with Gene begin transported to prison compound in the middle of a barren planet, his sentence is life for assault and robbery. The catch to the place is that the gravity can get very heavy and keeps prisoners from escaping. Even worse is that it's run by a power mad prison warden controlling robots to keep the prison in check. Anybody who attempts to escape is killed on the spot by the robots. Gene ,going by the alias Curse Hawkwind, is to find Sayio Wong a man who knows where the location of the Leyline is. The mission isn't without it hardships however as Gene's recklessness gets him off on the wrong foot with Sayio, tasered constantly by the warden's robots, and beaten by some of Sayio's friends. Eventually he convinces Sayio to escape with him. They stage a fight to get them thrown into the punishment center (in which the gravity is almost unbearable) then derail the train thats transporting them there. From there they walk to hemisphere of the planet with the robots

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