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Watch Outlaw Star online: Episode 12 Mortal Combat with the El Dorado

The ep begins with the Outlaw Star reaching a asteroid field named Leon Lagrandge, the rendezvous point where their suppose to meet the El Dorado. Seem that message Gene received at the end of the last episode was from Harry MacDougal issuing a challenge which Gene accepts. Before blasting off to meet him, Aisha decides to join as its the only way she can finds info on the Leyline and go back home. Also the group has their first encounter with Gwen Khan (the scientist who help make the XGP) whose mutterings they can't understand. Back to the asteroid field, the crew sees no signs of the El Dorado lest until missiles start bombarding them! A trap! The OS tries to fight back but the enemy keeps run-and-gunning before they can get a lock on. A argument between him and Ashia gives Gene an idea. He places Aisha outside on a asteroid as a lookout, allowing her to see their ship as well as their trick, they were using two El Dorados all along! With the real ship in sight, the Outlaw Star and

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