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Watch Outlaw Star online: Episode 11 Adrift in Subspace

The Outlaw Star is headed for the first checkpoint which is about to be swallowed up by a metal wave. With no other choice but to go forward, Gene increases the speed and barely makes it past. Afterwards the crew stops in a station to grab something to eat. And who just happens to be there but Harry MacDougal (going by Williams for the race though). Gene questions him about the Leyline and gets rough when Harry denies knowing about it till the officials break him up. Gene leaves him knowing that the MacDougals can't ignore him now. Our heroes continue the race, reaching the next checkpoint in a asteroid field but also help a stranded racer who turns out to be Aisha! It was a trick! (the ship she was traveling on faked a emergency call to lure them). Aisha invites herself on board when Gene tells her the MacDougals might know something about the Leyline. Afterward the OS exits out of the asteroid field and prepares to go into Sub-Ether (light speed). But a sneak attack by the El Dorado

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