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Watch Outlaw Star online: Episode 10 Gathering for the Space Race

The group reaches Heiphong where Gene immediately sighs up for the Space Race (with Fred Lou sponsoring him under the condition that if he wins they have to wear some very fruity jumpsuits.) After which, Suzuka leaves the crew for the time being. The rest of the OS plans a route for the race. Later Gene and Jim check out the pre-race party and run into Aisha again. Luckily for the boys, she on the job catering and dragged away before doing anything rash. Meanwhile Mel tries to find info on herself through the computer bank but to no avail. The next day,the race has began and our heroes continue planning while they wait for their turn to start. Unknowest to them, Aisha is also in he race hoping a ride in a Ctral Ctral cruiser. During the wait Gene sees the MacDougals ship, El Dorado, starting out and almost blasts off to ram them but is stopped by Jim and the officials, he decides to wait it out. Eventually our heroes are given the go ahead and are off. Everything goes smoothly till the

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