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What is ESPN25: Who's #1? about?
The envlelope, sleaze! Amidst a Las Vegas-laced backdrop of dopey showgirls in gooey gowns (no two-three-kick-turn here), ESPN25: Who's #1? was designed to glitz up the 25th anniversary of a network that permanently altered sports journalism and sports in general. Their mission was to present, in crude cinema verité form, the good, bad, and ugly that have left its fingerprints in the sporting community since ESPN debuted September 7, 1979. All the lists are limited to ESPN's first quarter-century and thus are frozen in place. Remember: whenever you read these lists, to say "The envelope, sleaze!"

Actors: Mike Greenberg, Mike Golic, Stuart Scott, Trey Wingo

Season 1 of ESPN25: Who's #1?

Season 2 of ESPN25: Who's #1?

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