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Watch Time Squad online: Episode 10 Ex Marks the Spot / Horse of Horrors

X Marks The Spot The paths of Off. Tuddrussel's unit and Lt.Off. Sternwell(Sheila)'s unit meet again when their missionees, Mr. Gutenburg and Joan of Arc, switch roles. Soon afterwards, Tuddrussel and Sheila start to fall in love all over again. For some of you, that sounds like a sweet thing, but for Larry and XJ-5, that sounds bad. Horse of Horrors After Larry gets a birthday present from Otto (but not before he gets mad at Tuddrussel for denying he can even have one) the alarm blares for Paul Reverre. Yup, the guy who rides through Concord and Lexington warning the minute-men that the British are comming. Only one, eensy-weensy little tiny proplem: The guys afraid of horses! In need of a psychiatrist, our heroes have to transport to Austria to get help from--you guessed it--Sigmund Freud.

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