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Watch Time Squad online: Episode 9 Billy the Baby / Father Figure of Our Country

Billy The Baby The Time Squad encounters Billy the Kid, one of the roughest and toughest outlaws in history. But what's this.... he's not rough or tough, and he's not one of the most wanted men? What will the squad do to get him to be what he is supposed to be? Become outlaws theirselves? Father Figure of Our Country Tuddrussel is trying to teach Otto a few things, like how to ride a bike, fishing, and catch, but Tuddrussel is not exactly the best person to. The History Instablility Alarm goes off, and the Squad goes back to help George Washington. Otto, of course, gets very excited. Washington and Otto strike up a friendship,... a very good friendship. So good, that Otto might want to stay with him and not go back to the satilite.

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