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Watch Time Squad online: Episode 5 Repeat Offender / Ladies and Gentlemen, Monty Zuma

Repeat Offender After Tuddrussel shows Otto a prision for ""repeat offenders"", Time Squad gets a mission--back to Black Beard!? It turns out he's gone back to his old wildlife tricks again, so Tuddrussel has to take him in. But they are sent to ancient Greece to convince Scocrates into being a pholosifer, not a fitness instructer, before they can even get back to the satellite. And once the missions complete, they notice that Black Beard has escaped! Ladies and Gentlemen, Monty Zuma After Tuddrussel hurts Larry's feelings, Otto tries to make him more sensitive. They soon get a mission to Montesuma who is not being emperor, but doing stand up comedy! They must keep him from winning the Amature Night contest, but all the other acts are terrible! And Otto's history jokes aren't helping one bit!

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