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Watch King Arthurs Disasters online: Episode 6 The Fountain Of Youth

A nice tranquil night is disturbed by the screams of Guinevere, Arthur goes to see what is troubling the love of his life. Through her tears she tells Arthur that she has plucked a grey hair from her head and worries that she is getting old and tells her King to do something about it. Arthur quickly seeks advice from Merlin who speaks of the fabled Fountain of Youth, which is not so much a fountain as a tap. One drop will make you 5 years younger; two, 10 years and so on. However to get the water from the fountain there is a price to pay of 3 human sacrifices, so he chooses Splag, Sir Martyn and Sir Launcelot to be those sacrifices as they accompany Merlin and the King to to Fountain of Youth.

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