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Watch Twisted Tales UK online: Episode 12 Murder Me

Harry Nagra learns that he has an incurable disease. Having nursed his parents, he decides he'd sooner go quickly. The trouble is he can't commit suicide - his life insurance is invalid if there's any suspicion that he took his own life. He decides to solve the problem by finding someone to murder him and approaches a company called Anything Goes - their motto is ""You name it, we'll do it. No exceptions."" Harry meets G.R. who seems more than willing to undertake the task. They set a date and draw up a contract, though the specific nature of the service to be rendered isn't described. Weeks pass, Harry is apprehensive but resigned to his fate. The day before the agreed date he learns that there's been a misdiagnosis - he's in perfect health. He immediately tries to contact G.R. to cancel the contract and even goes back to the Anything Goes offices. But to his horror there's no trace of G.R. or the company. Does Harry have any hope of saving himself or is his fate irrevocably sealed?

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