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What is Mirror Mirror 2 about?
Welcome to the Mirror Mirror 2 guide at TV Tome. In second series of Mirror Mirror the mirror moves into the lives of two new families - De Lutrelles and McFarlanes. They both live in the same house, but 130 years apart in time. De Lutrelle's: father Gervaise, mother Violette and daughter Constance. In their age, around the house were goldfields. Family emigrated from France with the remnants of their wealth, and hoping to find gold so they would restore their fortunes. McFarlan's: father Doug, mother Jenny who decided to get in a new business: eco-tourism. Guests will stay with Doug and his family - second wife Jenny, stepson Fergus, daughter Mandy, and sister-in-law Lily, who maked troubles wherever she goes! Doug has also another son, Daniel. When the series begins, Daniel decides he wants to meet the father who left him and his mother Caroline when he was just a baby. He invites himself to stay for the holidays and, with the help of the mirror, he changes eve

Actors: Antonia Prebble, Zoe Bertram, Melaine Thompson, Tina Regtein, Simon Ferry, Jovita Lee Shaw, Ben Revell, Barry Quin, Simon James, Denise O'Connell

Season 1 of Mirror Mirror 2

    Episode 1: Arrival  
    Episode 2: Gold  
    Episode 3: Trapped  
    Episode 4: Crown  
    Episode 5: Ghost  
    Episode 7: Iceman  
    Episode 11: Spike  
    Episode 12: Seals  
    Episode 14: Disco  
    Episode 19: Herons  
    Episode 22: Tetanus  
    Episode 26: Daniel  
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