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What is Blue Heelers about?
Blue Heelers profiles the lives and investigations of the police in the small Victorian town of Mt. Thomas. Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon (John Wood) has been the head of the station since the show's humble beginnings in 1994. However, after a devastating attack on the police station in mid-2004, he has lost his grandfatherly demeanor and become a man set on revenge. The team includes the charismatic Detective PJ Hasham (original cast member Martin Sacks ); Detective Senior Constable Amy Fox (Rachel Gordon) - who challenges PJ both in and out of investigations; Constable Evan 'Jonesy' Jones (Ditch Davey) who joined the force to gain vengeance on his father's murder, but now is searching for new reason to stay; and his on-again/off-again girlfriend Senior Constable Susie Raynor (Simone MacAullay); Probationary Constable Kelly O'Rourke (Samantha Tolj) who has known Tom since she was a child, and is determined to prove herself; her sometime-friend Probationary Constable Joss Pero

Actors: Grant Bowler, Danny Raco, Geoff Morrell, Lisa McCune, Jane Allsop, Martin Sacks, Ann Burbrook, Tasma Walton, William McInnes, Samantha Tolj, Charlie Clausen, Simone McAullay, Rachel Gordon, Rupert Reid, Damian Walshe-Howling, Julie Nihill, Paul Bishop, Caroline Craig, D
Genre: Drama
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    Episode : Payback  
    Episode : Missing  
    Episode : Suspicion  
    Episode : Skin Deep  

Season 1 of Blue Heelers

    Episode 4: Wives  
    Episode 14: Reunion  
    Episode 16: Theft  
    Episode 21: Payback  
    Episode 25: Missing  

Season 2 of Blue Heelers

    Episode 4: Mates  
    Episode 8: Gun Law  
    Episode 26: Secrets  

Season 3 of Blue Heelers

    Episode 9: Dog Days  
    Episode 34: I Spy  

Season 4 of Blue Heelers

Season 5 of Blue Heelers

    Episode 20: Victims  
    Episode 39: Hunted  

Season 6 of Blue Heelers

    Episode 41: Kids  

Season 7 of Blue Heelers

    Episode 24: Fair Go  

Season 8 of Blue Heelers

    Episode 10: Blood  
    Episode 22: Dragged  
    Episode 31: Strays  

Season 9 of Blue Heelers

    Episode 11: Flushed  
    Episode 15: Buddies  

Season 10 of Blue Heelers

    Episode 11: Love In  

Season 11 of Blue Heelers

    Episode 20: Payback  
    Episode 21: Echoes  

Season 12 of Blue Heelers

    Episode 3: My Way  
    Episode 14: Offside  
    Episode 18: Monster  

Season 13 of Blue Heelers

    Episode 2: Boss  
    Episode 3: Dirt  
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