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What is Round The Twist about?
Welcome to the Round the Twist guide at TV Tome. Round The Twist is a wacky TV series written by the hilarious childrens author, Paul Jennings. It follows the bizarre lives of the Twist family. Tony Twist (aka dad) and his three children- the twins Pete and Linda and youngest son, Bronson- move from "The Big Smoke" (the city) to the sea-side village of Port Niranda. They move into an old lighthouse, previously owned by their new neighbour, Nell, and their new lives begin. Strange things happen to the Twist family, strange but hilarious things. The series has been running since 1989 with several new actors stepping in to fill the spaces of those all grown up.

Actors: Tamsin West, Brook Sykes, Cameron Nugent, Judith McGrath, Mathew Waters, Ben Thomas, Stuart Atkin, Lachlan Jeffrey, Jan Friedl, Robyn Gibbes, Frankie J. Holden, Nick Mitchell, Reuben Liversidge, Suzanne Chapman, Andrew Daddo, Katie Barnes, Samuel Marshalnd, Bunny Brooke

Season 1 of Round The Twist

    Episode 2: Birdsdo  

Season 2 of Round The Twist

    Episode : Yuckles  
    Episode 2: Copy Cat  
    Episode 5: Nails  
    Episode 10: Yuckies  

Season 3 of Round The Twist

    Episode : Mali-Boo!  
    Episode 4: UMI  
    Episode 7: Mali Boo  
    Episode 9: Toy Love  

Season 4 of Round The Twist

    Episode 9: Boy Bird  
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