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What is Tiny and Mr Duk about?
Welcome to the Tiny and Mr Duk guide at TV Tome. In 2001, the latest Saturday Morning Program was aired. It was called The Saturday Show. It wasn't a very good success but two puppets appeared on the show called Tiny and Mr Duk. Due to the flop of series one of The Saturday Show, the show was revamped with Fearne and Simon and at 10:50, a show was aired called The Tiny and Mr Duk Show. They simply "stole" The Saturday Show for 20 minutes. But in Spring 2004 came the dreaded revamp number 2. It wasn't very good but at the same time, the show lost Tiny and Mr Duk and replaced them with the rafia often referred to as the crapia. Anyway, The Tiny and Mr Duk show was a successful part of The Saturday Show so it was removed and CBBC gave Tiny and Mr Duk their own slot on the CBBC Channel. The show lasted half an hour and it was renamed Tiny and Mr Duks Huge Show.

Actors: Joe Pasquale, Kirsten O'Brien, Mr. Duk, Tiny

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