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What is Lancer about?
Welcome to the Lancer guide at TV .com. Set in California during the 1870's, Lancer was the story of the Lancer family running a ranch in the San Joaquin Valley. The family did not grow up together. When Murdoch Lanch was struggling against "land pirates" who were trying to take over this property by force, he contacted his two sons (from different marriages) who came to the ranch to help their father, in exchange for 1/3 of the ranch. The half brothers had never met each other and had widely divergent backgrounds. Johnny was a drifter/gunfighter who had spent most of his life wandering around the border towns of the Southwest. Scott was a sophisticated Harvard graduate who had been living in Boston. Despite their differences, they learned to respect each other and help their father manage his vast real estate holdings. Rounding out the family is Teresa, Murdoch's ward and daughter of his murdered best friend. Jelly Hoskins was the crochety old ranch hand added during the 1st s

Actors: Paul Brinegar, Elizabeth Baur, Wayne Maunder, James Stacy, Andrew Duggan

Season 1 of Lancer

    Episode 4: Foley  
    Episode 6: Julie  
    Episode 8: Jelly  
    Episode 10: Glory  

Season 2 of Lancer

    Episode 2: Zee  
    Episode 3: The Kid  
    Episode 10: Legacy  
    Episode 15: Chad  
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