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Watch Queer as Folk online: Episode 8 Episode Eight

Vince is experiencing intense paranoia at work. Petrified that Rosalie has revealed his secret, he is convinced every peal of laughter coming from the women on the shopfloor is at his expense. The complicated plot to discredit Lance, Romey's potential husband thickens. Lance is led out by the police, handcuffed after assaulting one of the Home Office investigators. Romey accuses Stuart of being responsible but he denies all knowledge. Eventually discovering that Nathan was the informant, she, Stuart, and Lisa turn up at Hazel's house for a confrontation with Nathan. Cameron takes Vince to a function at an art gallery, unaware that Stuart is the PR. Vince covertly watches Stuart go through his chat up line once again. Stuart's world is about to fall apart. For the first time he experiences rejection. Unable to handle this he drinks himself to oblivion. Nathan however comes to the rescue. At home, Vince talks non-stop about Stuart, pretending he thinks he's shallow and image - obsessed,

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