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Watch Queer as Folk online: Episode 1 Episode One

Canal Street, Manchester. It's Thursday and that means nineties night in the Babylon Club. Phil hasn't pulled and nor has Vince, but Vince is being followed by a muscle man. Stuart has pulled and is just getting his admirer's phone number before they all head home. It's Nathan's first night on the scene. Nathan and Stuart spot each other and start talking. It's not long before they end up back at Stuart's. They are having sex when they are interrupted by a phone call from Lisa. Vince is getting acquainted with muscle man when Stuart phones and says he needs the car as ""It's happened."". Vince tells muscle man that his friend's mum is in hospital and leaves. Back at Stuart's apartment Nathan says it's time he was going anyway as he has college. It turns out he means school and is really fifteen years old. Vince meets up with Stuart and Nathan at the hospital. They go into a room containing women and a new born baby boy - Stuart's baby boy. They name the boy Alfred. Romee is the mother. N

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