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What is Who Said That? about?
Welcome to the Who Said That? guide at TV Tome. Program Type: Quiz Show with Panel (1948-1955) Producer: Fred W. Friendly Network: NBC Show History: In 1947, this program began as a NBC radio program devised and emceed by John Cameron Swayze. It graduated to NBC television in 1948, with CBS radio correspondent Robert Trout serving as the first TV emcee. John Cameron Swayze was a panelist. Format: Panelists were read a famous quotation and their goal was to identify the person being quoted. In addition to the regular panelists, famous guest celebrities were invited to join the panel. In the photograph, John Cameron Swayze is seen as a panelist on NBC's quiz show, "Who Said That?" From left to right are John Cameron Swayze, U.S. Senator Kenneth S. Wherry R-Nebraska, news analyst H.V. Kalternborn and U.S. Vice President Alben Barkley. The quotemaster Robert Trout, a CBS newsman, is seen standing.

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