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What is Blake's 7 about?
Seven very different individuals with one common connection: they are all escaped prisoners sentenced to live out the rest of their lives on Cygnus Alpha, a barren and sparsely populated prison planet far from Earth, by a corrupt totalitarian government known as the Terran Federation. Blake, a former resistance leader who had his memories suppressed by the Federation, must now try to hold together his assorted crew of criminals and others. They have control over a very powerful, but mysterious spaceship they call the Liberator. Together they try to bring down the corrupt and tyrannical Federation.

Actors: Paul Darrow, Glynis Barber, Steven Pacey, Josette Simon, Jan Chappell, Stephen Greif, David Jackson, Peter Tuddenham, Brian Croucher, Michael Keating, Gareth Thomas, Sally Knyvette, Jacqueline Pearce
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Season 1 of Blake's 7

    Episode 5: The Web  
    Episode 8: Duel  
    Episode 11: Bounty  
    Episode 13: Orac  

Season 2 of Blake's 7

    Episode 2: Shadow  
    Episode 3: Weapon  
    Episode 4: Horizon  
    Episode 6: Trial  
    Episode 7: Killer  
    Episode 8: Hostage  
    Episode 11: Gambit  

Season 3 of Blake's 7

    Episode 3: Volcano  
    Episode 11: Moloch  

Season 4 of Blake's 7

    Episode 1: Rescue  
    Episode 2: Power  
    Episode 3: Traitor  
    Episode 5: Animals  
    Episode 7: Assassin  
    Episode 8: Games  
    Episode 9: Sand  
    Episode 10: Gold  
    Episode 11: Orbit  
    Episode 12: Warlord  
    Episode 13: Blake  
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