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What is Get Some In! about?
Jakey Smith is a Teddy Boy who's called up to do his National Service in the Royal Air Force. During basic training, he shares a hut with Ken Richardson, Matthew Lilley and Bruce Leckie. He also has to endure the disapproval of Corporal Percy Marsh.

Genre: Comedy


Season 1 of Get Some In!

    Episode 1: Call-Up  
    Episode 2: Kit  
    Episode 3: Medical  
    Episode 5: Boots  

Season 2 of Get Some In!

    Episode 1: Flight  
    Episode 2: Coke  
    Episode 3: Ejected  
    Episode 5: Crush  
    Episode 7: Rugby  

Season 3 of Get Some In!

    Episode 1: Erks  
    Episode 6: Swimming  

Season 4 of Get Some In!

    Episode 1: Cards  

Season 5 of Get Some In!

    Episode 3: Death  
    Episode 5: Crisis  
    Episode 6: Labrador  
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